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About (Couples) Counseling and Therapy

Our communication collapsed // dead end for our relationship // I don`t know what to do // my partner had an affair // we don`t come to a decision // he drinks too much // so many misunderstandings // I have no more energy // I`m thinking about separation...

A lot of things happen in relationships. We are reaching borders and are looking for transitions. Sometimes we need some help and orientation to find a way out.

My counseling approach is based systemic theory`s belief that not all solutions are 
directly connected to a specific problem and that a variety of perspectives are key contributors to effective problem-solving. In a dialogue with you I try to find out what could help in the process of counseling for solving the problems and difficulties in your relationship. 
Simply knowing why there is a problem isn`t enough to craft a solution; I want to explore how people create their problems, not just what the problem is. On the run you might learn how you create your problem and how you create solutions.

A big issue in the solution-focused brief therapy is to find out which resources you have personally and in your relationship. That means to concentrate on what is working, what worked well in the past, what is worth keeping and how can this help to findsolutions for the problem in the future. 
Often it is not necessary to find out 
what is the cause of a problem but to imagine a solution or to visualize and focuse where you want to go to. Sometimes a journey to the past can make sense to have a closer look on scars and breaches to discover a way of healing them.

Methods and tools:
I try to utilize the wide open space of my office for visual displays, playful creation and physical shifting of perspective for you as my clients and myself. We have a lot of (perceptory) senses and the more your senses take in, the more possibilities you have for thinking, understanding, feeling and acting.
Sometimes I work with sculptures, symbols or other methods where you do something together which makes it easier to get in touch with your emotions or to reach a distant point of view on your life and difficult situations. These are offers and suggestions for a successful counseling process and you decide if this is useful or makes sense for you.

About me:
studied Social Work in Cologne
became Systemic and Family Therapist in Berlin


You can get some more information in an initial meeting or you can start with a combination of an initial meeting and a regular session.
You will find my phone number and mail address on the last page (Kontaktaufnahme).

The costs are between 90,- and 110,- € per session (75min). You decide how much you pay according to your income. 
The initial meeting (20min.) is free of charge and depending on my time schedule.

There are usually 1 or 2 sessions a month. We talk about the number of sessions in the process of counseling.